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Welcome to Hustle and Nurture! A safe place for working moms. 


Friends call me Nessa. Co-workers call me Vanessa. You can call me whatever you prefer.

I grew up in Michigan and Ohio, but have lived (and loved) Jacksonville, FL for the last decade. I'm married to a high school history teacher and have two little girls named Violet and Harper and a German Shephard named Sammy. I love learning about Jesus, crafting, mentoring, and working out. Most of all, I love helping other people succeed and fulfill their dreams. Nothing makes me happier.

I started Hustle & Nurture to provide the resources, conversation, and community for working moms just like me. 

When I returned from maternity leave with my first daughter in 2016 , I hung a sign in my cube that said "show Violet how to have it all. Career. Marriage. Friendship. Health." One day, a few months later, I was minding my own business when a fellow working-mom in the office saw my sign, and said "You can't have it all. It's not possible. You can't have all those things." I was SHOCKED. I knew LOTS of working moms who had it all! But then, I really started paying attention and I noticed that there was a big gap in the working mom community of moms who felt guilty and truly believed they couldn't achieve all of their dreams. Well, guess what. We're gonna change that. 

So I started mentoring other working moms, paying attention and asserting myself at work, and calling BS on stereotypes and glass ceilings. Eventually, I decided to sit down, figure out exactly how I was balancing it all and create a framework with tools and a community to inspire other working-moms to educate themselves.

Come along with me! Educate yourself in the Hustle & Nurture Academy, join the FB group, get templates to keep you organized, and drop the guilt. Lots of other mommas have figured it out too... so what's stopping you?

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