3 Steps to Lock in Your Next Promotion

Are you a leader on your team and looking for a management position? Or maybe you’re the leader and want to apply for that manager position that was just posted? Or, maybe you’re tired of feeling overlooked at your company and want to apply for a management position at a different company?

Here are three action items for you to take before jumping ship and finding another position.

  1. Talk with your manager and clearly state your interest in management.

  2. You need to literally say the words “I want to become a manager one day, at this company. What will it take and what do I need to improve to get there?” I mean it! Say those words. It will be awkward because they’re not used to having employees, especially women, say it so clearly. Get over it, suffer the 2 minutes of awkward silence, and have the conversation you deserve.

  3. Network with other managers – in your company and outside.

  4. Log into Linked In, and find a manager in an area that you’re interested in. Message them directly and introduce yourself. TELL YOUR STORY! If you don’t craft your story, then you’ll come off as a stage-five clinger. But, if you craft it in a way that asks them if they’d be interested in grabbing a cup of coffee and explaining to you what they did to get to a management position… people love to help and people love to talk about themselves. Do the same inside your company. Sure, it can be really awkward at first, but push through it. Listen to their story and find ways to improve yourself and get that promotion.

  5. Take classes.

  6. There’s so many resources out there to help you educate yourself about what corporate management is looking for when promoting “the worker bees.” Google, YouTube, SkillShare, UDemy, your local Rotary, are good places to start. Then, reflect on their knowledge and figure out what you’re already doing and what you need to change and start doing.

If you’re looking for opportunities outside of your company, here’s what you need to do in three steps.

Three steps when looking for a career move outside of your company:

Step 1: Research any management position currently posted. Look at what experience, job description, and skills they have listed. Most job descriptions are in bulleted format, so turn it into a checklist! 

Step 2: Now that you have a checklist of what you need in order to get a manager job, check off the experience/skills you have. For the checkboxes that you don’t have, look and ask for opportunities to do that in the company that you’re at! Have you never done a budget? Ask your manager if you can sit in and help with your team’s budget next time. No mentoring experience? Find a junior employee and offer to mentor them. Ask if you can take them to lunch and talk about work and their future. Entry-level, recent college graduates are perfect candidates! They’re trying to figure out what the heck this corporate/business world is all about and you need mentorship experience! Teach them about the “unspoken” rules, how to advocate for yourself, meet project deadlines and succeed in their annual evaluations. 

Step 3: Start networking and researching what outside management jobs you’d like to apply for. Figure out what you need for any specific companies that you want to apply for. For example, now that you have your general management experience, let’s say you want to apply for a management position at Facebook. Well, you better start researching everything about Facebook, social media, and digital marketing that you can!

Remember momma, you are worth it. You can attain any success that your heart desires. It will take effort. It will take time. It will require a few awkward conversations. It’s nothing you can’t handle! Stand up for yourself, make a network, and go achieve your dreams!

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