Amazon Products for Working Moms

Amazon product recommendations for working moms and their families.

Yes. You read that title right! This is a post all about the most awesome Amazon products for working moms and their families.

First, let’s set a few things straight… I wish these links were affiliate and that I could earn a small commission from any sales because it takes hours and hours to research, write, and post. But, the links would expire after 24-hours and you deserve a post that’s updated and working over a small commission. Therefore, these links are totally kick-back free and an honest review of the products. This list is specifically for products that I recommend. I’ll do another post about products that aren’t worth it.

Also, legal disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinions. You should make your own decisions, do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

You’ll see products that are real basic (cough – toilet paper) and some that are really flashy. The goal is to give a wide range of products that will make your balancing act between work, activities, and family life go smoother.

Ok, enough of that. Let’s talk Amazon Prime. Is it worth it? 100% percent. Once you start Prime, you won’t stop. It’s just too easy, convenient, and they literally have products that you can’t find anywhere else. Amazon Basics is LEGIT. Their toilet paper, plastic zip bags, paper towels, diapers, wipes, plastic wear, etc. is of great quality and at COSTCO prices/volumes. I’ve also done a price comparison and there are often items like diaper cream that are cheaper on Amazon than in the grocery store. Bite the bullet. Do Prime. For more information and current Prime membership prices visit:

The prices shown below were recorded on 5/4/2021 and are subject to change.

Recommended Amazon Basics 1. Presto! Toilet Paper

TMI – I am a DIVA about toilet paper. It has to be the right softness, thickness, and price. I used to love Cottonelle and yes, would pay the premium. I liked the plush Charmin at times, but the rolls got to be so big that they didn’t fit on the holder! Then, I took a gamble on this Presto! brand. It is fantastic! Great price, softness, durability, thickness, all that. If you’re particular about toilet paper too, you’ll like this brand. If you don’t care about toilet paper… then stick to the basic Wal-mart brand because it’s not that amazing to pay premium.

2. Presto! Paper Towels

Presto! Paper towels are seriously great! To me, they are a combination between Brawny and Viva! They are stiffer like Brawny but thick like Viva. I like that they come in the pick-a-size cut. I can easily clean a counter with one of those 1/2 sheets. I’m so happy with these paper towels. I save money, they come on auto-renew and really hold up.

Solimo Sandwich, Quart, and Gallon Bags

Click image to go to product page. These little bags are an amazing price and work great! They are the same quality of name brand storage bags, but at a much better price. Not sure what else I can tell you, other than they are good little bags to use for lunch, travel, organization, etc.

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