Blessing Manifesting Product Review: 31 Day Self Love Challenge is a MUST

Product Review: 31 Days of Self Love Challenge

How do you teach your kids to have a positive self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth? With tools like the 31 Day Self Love Challenge that Dominee of Blessing Manifesting created, of course! 

The content alone is superb, but the way she pairs her writing style with a colorful design makes this challenge stand out. Dominee’s prompts are in question form, short, and easy to digest.

Product Overview:

If you’re looking for a dinner conversation starter, you can print these out and have your loved one pick one from the pile. Read the question aloud and then take turns answering and discussing questions. These would also make beautiful questions to discuss in the car on the way to school, practice, or friend’s houses.

Having tinier but frequent conversations with your kids can be just as effective (if not more, in my opinion) as long sermons. Kids look for nuggets of information that are easy to relate to something that they have experienced. In my opinion, that’s why I love this challenge. You can easily take the question and have a 5-minute conversation with your kids to teach them the importance of their thoughts and actions.

My favorite days are:  Day 8 – Where do you need to slow down and take your time? Day 11 – How would you describe yourself, in a loving way, to a stranger?  Day 19 – How are you making the world a better place?  Day 24 – What is something you wish someone would say to you today?

If you have younger children, take this time to explain what these concepts mean. What does “making a world a better place” actually mean? Use examples and descriptions to help them understand why it’s important and what activities they might already be doing. If you need help with examples, try something like: Making the world a better place is like when: 

  1. Mommy waves and smiles at different people in the neighborhood as she drives to our house

  2. Daddy asked the checkout person at the grocery store how their day was going.

  3. Saying thank you and being kind in the drive-thru

  4. Calling a friend and asking how their day is going

  5. Giving someone a hug

  6. Asking a friend that isn’t good at sports to play with you at recess

  7. Telling someone new that they can sit next to you at lunch

  8. Complimenting a classmate that you like their shoes, shirt, hair, backpack, etc. We can always find something we like to share with someone!

  9. Sharing with our siblings and letting them have something you really, really, reallllllly like

  10. Being kind, smiling, and giving a tiny wave to our friends that we see in town. We don’t have to hide and be shy, but instead, be brave and cheer them up!

  11. Helping your teacher clean up centers without being asked

Some of these may seem goofy but when communicating with elementary or younger-aged children, make sure your examples are simple, easy to remember, and something they saw recently.

If you want ideas to share with middle school and high school kids, leave a comment, and I’d love to come up with some ideas!

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Grading Criteria

When you look for “challenges” like this, the best prompts are short sentences with easy-to-digest vocabulary. You also want to look for unique prompts and not the same question, phrased slightly differently.

You also want to find prompts that are visually appealing and easy to keep around. That’s what Dominee CRUSHED with this 31-day challenge. Her cards are small, cute, colorful, and decorative. Our minds search for products like this over boring ones. Consider the difference between a textbook and a children’s book. Which story is more straightforward for you to remember? Which one do you feel more fondness towards? Which one have you read over and over and might even display? The children’s book of course! The pairing of well-written prompts with beautiful designs is what makes this offering from remarkable.

Pros and Cons


  1. Free!

  2. Colorful, well-designed cards

  3. Easy to understand and discuss

  4. Thought-provoking

  5. A mixture of positive and negative prompts (self-love isn’t all about sunshine and roses: there are times when we must look in the mirror, address our shortcomings and make a step to fix it.

  6. 31 prompts to recycle into different conversations and meditation sessions.


  1. I wish she had a link to a store where you could get these printed on professional cardstock or laminated material.

  2. Only 31 days… so you will have to recycle (or check out her other challenges for fresh material!)

  3. That’s it! We loved this challenge SO MUCH!

Compared to Other Products

Honestly, you will be surprised that she offers this challenge for free. It’s such a nicely designed program and must have taken her a long time to create. You could pay $10 for an eBook or small gift book with prompts and illustrations like this. But she offers it for F.R.E.E. I sure hope this challenge is her answer to “what are you doing to make the world a better place?”

Consider donating to her Patreon account to thank her for offering high-quality content for free: 

She also has other products available for purchase to support her ( 

Who This Product is Suitable For?

This product is suitable for EVERYONE. You can self-reflect on a quiet morning with your favorite cup of coffee. You can bring it up in conversation with a dear friend and talk through your answers. Or, you can use it with children to have meaningful, quick discussions that can shape a young mind.

Final Thoughts

What do you have to lose? Um… literally nothing. It’s free.

You will not find another high-quality, well-designed self-love and mental health resource challenge like this! Dominee has several other free challenges and workbooks that I’m excited to try! If they are anything like this one, I better prepare to be blown away!

Click here: to view the full article of the challenge and view the entire stack of cards to find more information. 

Leave a comment on her page if you loved it, and let me know what you thought! Share what conversations or enlightenment came from your reflections. I’d be honored to hear about your journey.

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