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Updated: Oct 23

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What do you get when a bleach-blonde bombshell has four children in (guessing) under six years and then tries to help other mommas by filming workout routines? AN AMAZINGLY ENTERTAINING CHANNEL.

I stumbled across Andrea Allen’s Instagram one night ( and got into laughing stitches watching her teach this excellent at-home workout while her littles just came and went. She inspired me to start my own health challenge and lose 8-pounds! She is so funny, creative, and a true expert in her field. Go watch her IGTV right now! You’ll love it!

We need more working moms that are willing to just put it out there to bless their community. Is it perfect? Hell no. But, you will relate to her authenticity and laugh with her. It’s even funnier when you start doing the workout and your children start interrupting your activity. She makes you feel less alone and unable to make excuses because she’s doing it right in front of your face.

Images of Andrea Allen's hilarious social media feed. Click this image to go to her blog!

Another reason you need to know about Andrea is her passion for educating about Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation).

According to my #1 doctor (Web MD), they define Diastasis Recti as:

Diastasis recti” means your belly sticks out because the space between your left and right belly muscles has widened. You might call it a “pooch.”

Andrea teaches how this is normal in pregnancy but that some women continue to have these separated muscles post-partum. This causes extreme back pain in some cases. It is an easily treatable condition, but with little awareness for women who think, “well, I just had a baby” and continue to believe that their pain is from birth 14-yeas-ago. It is… but there is something you can do about it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have Diastasis Recti AND a certified pooch. Just being honest over here… But after my second daughter, Harper Rose, I was still experiencing back pain like I had when I was pregnant. It felt like something was “off” and that this pain was more than just recovery… plus, Harper was a year old, and the pain got worse every day. I’m sad, but not sorry, to admit that sometimes my back pain was so terrible that I had to ride those little motor scooters at Target. It was super fun to zoom around in that “go-cart,” but that’s also how severe my pain was.

So, I purchased Andrea’s $75 course called “Diastasis Recti Pelvic Floor” and gave it a try. (

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It didn’t completely fix the pain, but it did give me tools and resources to STOP and LESSEN the pain. I feel confident that I can (usually) take my pain from a 9 to a 4 level with her posture, exercise, and strengthening routines. The education on low-back posture and walking stance were worth the $75 alone. It immediately (not joking) reduced my pain significantly just by adjusting my lower back posture. The workout was excellent, and I liked her “paid-teaching” and “free-teaching” styles across her channels.

Andrea also started a podcast called “Make it Simple.” I haven’t listened to it yet, but she doesn’t play around with the quality that her brand provides, and I’m sure it will be fabulous! You can also check out her e-book, coaching programs, e-courses, and more on her website and social media handles. I also appreciate her product recommendations. She will recommend a product regardless of affiliate association, and who doesn’t respect that?!

Make it Simple - click here to visit her new podcast's listing on Apple Podcasts

Overall, I’m really thankful for Andrea’s channel from a fellow working-mom-trying-to-juggle-it-all and from a certified authority in the health space. Her channel, Deliciously Fit n’ Healthy, is refreshing, uplifting, and worth your time! It keeps me inspired, in shape and connected to our community. Thank you, Andrea, for all that you’ve blessed this fellow working mom with! click this image to go to Andrea's website

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