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You don’t have time (or mental energy) to think of better ways to end your Professional e-mails… so enjoy this quick print-out from Career Contessa’s blog post: How to End an E-mail. It’s the best advice I’ve seen on e-mail signatures so far, and will give you a good laugh.


Career Contessa is one of my FAVORITEEEEEEE working mom resources! I have more curated advice from them coming soon! I was just thinking about new ways to sign my e-mails when this blog article came to my inbox. It was one of those creepy “is Alexa listening to me?” moments.

I always sign my e-mails with “Sincerely” because it was what I learned. I see other co-workers sign with “best” or “cheers” or “thanks,” but my muscle memory is already down pat for “sincerely,” and so is my mental energy. I don’t love it, but eh – it works.

That’s when I saw this article and thought they had some FANTASTIC suggestions! So, I made a little printable for you to keep handy and reference when your go-to signature does not fit the tone of your e-mail.

My favorite suggestion was to sign off your e-mails with “Hakuna Matata.” I puffed out a laugh when I read that. I’m thinking of all repetitive e-mail chains that I could sneak a hilarious signature like this into next week. I’m giddy with excitement! I almost want 9 am to come so I can try it out! Visions of me typing out: “No, Bob. We will not accept those test results. Please correct and re-do the test. Hakuna Matata, Vanessa” are floating around in my dreams.

Please click over to Career Contessa’s blog post and read more about their suggestions on when and why to change up your e-mail signatures. They also explain the different TYPE of signatures. WHO KNEW THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE?! They have a wealth of knowledge in a quick and easily digestible format.

Thank you, Career Contessa, for yet another great article with great advice!

Reference: Contessa, Career. How to End an Email, Career Contessa, 9 June 2021,

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In my opinion, they are superb at career advice for women and this article holds up against that reputation perfectly.

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