How to be a Positive Person through Meditation

how to be a more positive person through meditation excercise

How to be a more positive person through meditation

This post is referencing: The Yoga Bunny Podcast Meditation – mindful eating exercise episode. To view it yourself, click this link.

Ok, hear me out. This experience was wacky, but it also gave me perspective, and I want to tell you all about it. I also want to inspire you to click the link, grab a food item and try it yourself.

So, it’s currently 6:24am. I’ve been up for an hour. I’m reading a new book titled “Make it happen” by Maria Hatzistefanis (link: It’s pretty good! Yesterday, she was writing about meditation and getting up early. She gave examples of ultra-successful people and how they all get up early as a practice. She calls this her “career” time. She encouraged you to wake up no later than 6am and read an industry article, get a workout in, or do meditation. I already get up early, but I usually “putz-around”. Yes, that’s the actual verb to describe how I typically wander around my house, talk to my dog (or myself), and achieve not much. Today though, I decided to try Maria’s advice to meditate. I like meditation. I haven’t done a guided meditation in a long time, so why not?

So, there I was looking at podcasts to find a short, guided meditation. I stumbled across The Yoga Bunny and an 8-minute gem called “Mindful Eating”. Perfect! I thought. I’m writing another post about this, but I asked my husband to take away my Amazon password until I reach my goal weight of losing 10 pounds. I’ve made it SO CLOSE many times this year, and then I get lazy and gain it back. So, I had to HIT WHERE IT HURTS! to motivate me. Amazon it was. When I saw the mindful eating meditation and I’m down 3 pounds (7 more to go!) I couldn’t resist. Maybe this will help me get that password back sooner?

Positive mindset – is all about letting go of your ego.

The host of the show calls herself (or maybe this is her real name?) Bunok. That’s how I’ll refer to her from now on. So, Bunok starts the meditation by telling me to go get something to eat. Fruit or a nut is her suggestion. I just made the fam a giant fruit salad, so I think “perfect! I’ll grab a raspberry!” She explains to grab only one thing. I hold a tiny raspberry from the bowl.

Now, let me paint the picture. I’m sitting in my kitchen, glasses on, hair a mess, my favorite oversized cheetah pullover, no bra, slippers, a meditation playing from my phone, and a tiny raspberry in my fingers. I look like a nut. I feel like a nut. But Maria said to try it, so I do. My dog is looking at me, trying to get a taste of the raspberry and not happy that I’ve decided to meditate over it instead of passing along as a dog treat.

Bunok tells me to observe the raspberry. What does it look like? Is it one color or multiple colors? How is it structured? Hold it close to your face and take note of what you see. I see this tiny raspberry is actually a cluster of little seeds, held together by small membranes of tissue. Pretty cool. Never noticed before that the raspberries seeds were held together by an almost invisible force. Ok, Bunok, keep going. I’m bought in.

Now, she tells me to squeeze my tiny raspberry. I do. It’s a little squishy. I’ve done this before. Nothing new.

Then she tells me to hold the raspberry up to my ear and squeeze it. No, no, no Bunok. That’s where I draw the line. I am NOT going to squeeze a raspberry next to my ear. That’s crazy. I already look and feel crazy, and I’m not adding this ritual to my life’s history. Bunok continues without me. How rude. She says “what does it sound like when you squeeze it next to your ear? Does it sound different than when you squeezed it in front of your face?” Well, that got me thinking. I didn’t know the answer to her question and I didn’t like that. Fine, fine, fine Bunok. You win. I’ll squeeze the raspberry next to my ear.

Vanessa Van Arsdale – positive mindset through meditation with a… raspberry.

I lift the tiny raspberry (remember, I’m only holding one raspberry at this time), and I give it a tiny “pinch pinch” between my first finger and my thumb. It returned the favor with this funny little “squeak squeak!” Try it. I dare you. Get a raspberry, squeeze it in front of you. You’ll hear NOTHING. Now, squeeze it just like you did before, but next to your ear. Practically in your ear – that’s how close it needs to be. If it’s a ripe and non-mushy raspberry, you’ll hear the “squeak squeak!” I was amazed!

Here I was 30 seconds before squeezing this raspberry, hearing nothing. Boring, boring, boring. Then, I lift it to my ear reluctantly, and I discover a new sound that I’ve never heard before! Thank you, Bunok! What a fantastic experience.

I finish the meditation, eat the raspberry and all of its friends. I follow that up by eating some stale Chipotle chips from 3 nights ago. Remember, it’s 6am. Give me grace.

Think about what would’ve happened if I remained too prideful to try Bunok’s suggestion to squeeze the raspberry next to my ear? I would’ve never heard that sound. I probably would move on, forgetting this meditation and never tried it again. It sounds morbid and dramatic, but if I didn’t just take the chance, humble myself, and try it, I would’ve died, presumably never hearing that little squeak. And that moment of joy cost me nothing but a little bit of ego. Squeeze the dang raspberry, Vanessa. No one but your German Shephard can see you. Who are you trying to impress?

This got me thinking. How many other moments in life are we too prideful and believe that we “know it all” so we miss out? I’ve squeezed a raspberry before. It doesn’t make a sound. I know this. I’m so bright. But I’ve only embraced it from 2+ feet from my face. The sound decibels are too low and soft to reach of my inner ears from that distance. Was that my thinking, though? No. I thought I know all, and “raspberries don’t make a sound.” How silly. What else in my life do I do this with? I think that my life experiences have taught me enough to assume I know and never try it a different way? What conversations at the office have I dominated because I was the “subject matter expert?” What if I had given another person a chance to talk? Maybe they would’ve taught me something? (Shocker.) What neighbors do I live near that I assume I know what their lives are like because I see them for 5 seconds every day? I don’t know what happens inside their home. I don’t understand what life they had before they were my neighbor. Yet, there I stand, thinking I know them because they are a part of my “tribe” in the neighborhood.

Take a moment today and stop when you do something routine. Stop and use your five senses. Get closer or further away from the activity to see a new perspective. Ask someone to review an email you’re about to send to see what edits they have to offer. Ask your kids to describe something and notice what their perspective yields. Instead of waving to your neighbor as they pull into their driveway, stop, wait, and ask them how their day was. Notice if they seem exhausted, energetic, wearing street clothes, business attire, a workout outfit? Slow down and notice.

Quote about how to be a more positive person.

I’m so thankful for this experience this morning. A tiny, delicious reminder that I don’t fully understand my world, and I have lots of new things to discover. Thank you, Maria and Bunok, for that.

This post is referencing: The Yoga Bunny Podcast Meditation – mindful eating exercise episode. To view it yourself, click this link.

What will you try today, regardless of feeling ridiculous, empowered, or shy, to open your life perspective? Comment below!

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