Introducing Hustle & Nurture

Hey there! Welcome to the working moms’ community! We don’t judge smudged mascara, making mistakes, or the McDonald’s drive-thru. Why? Because we’re doing a phenomenal amount of work out here, and it isn’t easy!

Join a community where you can be yourself, find positivity, and a community of smart, driven, and successful women who also happen to be mothers, friends, sisters, volunteers, managers, and spouses.

This isn’t a place where we bash stay-at-home moms either. They’re great too! We’re just a unique flavor of mom. This is a safe place for women who are mothers and like to work. We don’t make it to every playdate, we don’t always have time to workout, and we try to pack a healthy lunch, but somedays… it just ain’t happening. So,here you’ll find a community that is supportive and authentic. We share ideas and tips for how to build your career, carve out time for self-care, and be the best mom you can.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you more about myself and my journey.

When I became a working mom, let’s just say… it was a bumpy ride. I was overwhelmed, unhappy, confused, and felt like I had just lost my identity. Before my first daughter (Violet) was born, I was very ambitious and my career was everything. But now, I had that same ambition, but with a baby on my hip. I felt like there were unspoken rules and glass ceilings for working moms that working dads did not encounter. Why was that? How do I navigate around that? I had a beautiful baby that I both loved being around and getting respite from. I didn’t understand how to reconcile those feelings inside me nor how to navigate the intertwining of these two worlds.

Let me bring you back to the first time these two worlds clashed. It was my first day back to work, after maternity leave with my oldest daughter. Violet developed colic (non-stop crying) when she was 3 weeks old. While on maternity leave for 12 weeks, I listened to her cry all day and all night. I didn’t have projects, deadlines, or anything else to give my mind the mental stimulation it needed. My friends tried to come over, but it was challenging to have a conversation or help me with her non-stop crying (we soon learned that she had terrible thrush). I investigated craft projects, home decorating, and reading books. But, it all felt so pointless. Quite honestly, I felt like a part of me had died.

I liked being a mom, but I didn’t like it 24/7. Just like I liked working, but I didn’t like working 24/7. Where were the Pinterest perfect days and Pampers commercials displaying my perfect life? Why was I feeling like this? Eventually, maturity leave was up and I had to go back to work. The thought of adult conversation, no infants crying, and free coffee sounded like heaven!

With my cutest blue dress, perfectly blended make-up, and curled hair, I was ready to get back to the office. I’m welcomed by all my friends, who welcome me back with questions like: 

“Was it so hard dropping her off at daycare today?”

“Don’t you miss her so much and wish you were with her right now?”

“Did you cry all the way to work?”

Um… no. Was I supposed to?

What I actually did was put my 2000’s jams on the radio, let the windows down, and had a darn good peaceful ride to the office!

They looked at me in horror.

You’re now standing in the exact moment when I realized that I was a different kind of mom. Self-awareness splashed upon me. I was a “likes-to-work-mom” and a “likes a break mom.” I kiss my babies goodbye every morning, and I go do “adult time” without guilt. Sure, I wish I didn’t love dealing with the grind, the politics, and the deadlines. But, at the end of each day, I love the balance. I love the balance of being a “wife/mom” and a “professional.” I love having technical conversations in conference rooms during the day and reading storybooks at bedtime to the girls. Seriously, I relish the contrast that my daily tasks compile into.

So, as I navigated this working-mom life and gave birth to another daughter, I couldn’t find a mainstream conversation to help me navigate these two worlds. When other women in my office got pregnant, whispers would start of “I wonder if she’s coming back”… but that didn’t happen with paternity leave? And who cares?! Stay home. Come back. Why do moms have this pressure to pick one or the other? I was looking for a tribe of moms that sincerely loved both worlds—a tribe of women who wouldn’t stop working, even if they could. Where was the community for these moms? Where were the tips, tricks, and support? Well, that’s when I decided to make it. I introduce to you… Hustle & Nurture.

You’re probably wondering why the name Hustle & Nurture? Think about it… that’s what we do. We are driven, bold professionals who also have a tender, loving heart for our families. We intertwine our office and home life. We can be logical and emotional when the situation calls for it. Need a presentation for the Board? Here you go. Need a good storyteller for the advertising campaign? We can do that too.

So, if this resonates with you, I invite you to tell your story. You will find conversations, resources, and accounts of other working moms to help you be the best version of yourself. Tell us what you need. Tell us what you’re going through. It’s the only way that we will start to uplift working moms and unleash their superpowers.

Come on, mommas! We’re in this together.


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