The Planner Manor – An Etsy Shop Review

Have you ever experienced this? You see a product or article that is so polished, so well done, that you think to yourself, “Wow. This person is professional and talented! They must have been doing this for years and had a lot of help to get here.” You’re sooooo confident that because of how the product looks, the customer experience was, or the article’s command of English couldn’t be done by anyone else. Also, somewhere in the back of your mind, placing this high level of achievement makes you feel better about the little that you have accomplished. Yep me too. 

This is precisely what will happen to you too when you visit Paige McCaul’s Etsy Shop, The Planner Manor. The professionalism of design, content, thoughtfulness, and customer experience is what you expect from a professional therapist or organizer. You know, someone who has “been in the biz” (said with a thick Italian accent) for years. Maybe they have a degree or two and just do this on the side? All you know is that there is no way this is a college kid majoring in computer science and programming. No way. It couldn’t happen. It’s too good.

Well, friends, you guessed it. The Planner Manor was started by college student Paige when she was trying to find a resource to help her manage her time better. She found physical planners, but none that really suited her budget or style. So, she set off to create her own! She made it digital to add or alter it and just print out more pages when she needed them.  

She describes the idea of selling them on Etsy as:

“After designing several different planners, my mom encouraged me to start posting on Etsy to see if they could be as helpful to others as they were to me. After starting my shop, I realized just how many different planners were applicable to everyday life beyond simply daily, weekly, and monthly planners. People used planners to organize their goals, their finances, and even their skincare routines. “

You’re thinking, “THIS KID IS IN COLLEGE?” Yep. And she’s probably going to rule the world one day too. Her insight on how to use planners for (almost) everything, but to digitize them so they can be nimble and change as you do is genius!

Paige is a student at RCCC in North Carolina, hoping to one day “…pursue a career in software engineering and development. I love exploring the ways that technology can be applied to improve people’s lives.” Don’t you love the way she intertwines her life’s mission with her career goals? She’s a force to be reckoned with!

Paige opened her Etsy shop in 2021, and you will find a bulk of wonderful resources on sale! Her favorite product in the shop is her book tracker bookmarks (CLICK HERE – They are SO CUTE! What a clever idea to make a bookmark tracker as a BOOK. MARK.

The product that you should consider purchasing first from The Planner Manor is the Self-Care-Workbook for $5.99. ( For the price of a drink at a Happy Hour, you can get 93 pages of intellectual, detailed, and creative prompts that will trigger new thoughts in your mind. It’s the perfect length, budget, and layout for busy working moms to get started on their self-care.

When asking what the most challenging product for Paige to create was, her response is too good to paraphrase. So, in her own words, “The most difficult product to create in my shop was probably the self-care workbook. Not only was there quite a bit of content that I had to create (93 pages), but I also spent a lot of time researching different self-care exercises and techniques. I frequently edited the content to ensure that the entire workbook was both cohesive and reusable. I also had family members review some of the exercises to ensure that they were practical and applicable to the challenges of everyday life.

In total, I worked for several hours a day, everyday, for almost a month to bring the self-care workbook to life. Even now, there are tweaks that I want to make in future editions that I think will further improve the workbook.” I love her. I love her products, her mission, and THIS QUOTE! For working moms, it doesn’t come easy. You have to work for it. But, it’s not just working moms. For WOMEN of all ages, levels, and dreams, it takes an unwavering belief in yourself and hours of work to make it happen.

My favorite exercises in the book were the “Adapting Automatic Negative Thoughts,” and the 50 thought prompts to journal over from the Self-Care workbook. Explained in her own words: “Recognizing and acknowledging negative thoughts is the first step to overcoming them.” Such truth in that quote. I struggle to get myself out of negative thoughts because I’ve always framed it as “stop it.” Now, I see how I can reframe that negative thought as “change it” which is less guilt-stricken and action-oriented.

She then organizes a cute, minimalist way for you to acknowledge a negative thought and then find a way to adapt into a positive, action-based one.

If you like the feel of pen-to-paper, then it’s easy to print out the .pdf or upload it to a UPS Store/Kinkos to have it printed out. Wallah! Negative thought adapted. Now you can ink up the prompt and start progressing your mental health.

Paige described her passion for helping others and motivation to continuously improve her products as:

“It was during the challenging times of 2020 and early 2021 (which put a strain on many people’s mental health) that I began to take note of the different ways in which individuals were trying to practice self-care and other forms of personal development. I decided to start delving more into personal development resources to better help people organize their goals and routines so they could more effectively practice personal growth.”

You probably feel that way too? 2020 was rough. You may have found yourself thinking a lot about the status (or lack) of your career, your family plans, weight goals, etc.? And, just because 2020 was rough does not mean you get to go back to your old ways of doing things. Spend $6 and start moving towards your goals with this planner. Start creating new pathways in your brain. Challenge yourself to improve and use a tool like this to get you there. Sure, Paige probably doesn’t have three sassy teenagers to be mentally exhausted over. Sure, she probably doesn’t have the weight of family-work-life on her shoulders… Instead of making excuses for her, look in the mirror, say thank you for the gift, and use it as it was designed.

If Paige can find time with an entire Computer Science degree workload, two-part time jobs, and running her Etsy shop, then you can discover 5-minutes to try one of her prompts. It might even be the 5-minutes that start you on a path to change your life.

For Hustle & Nurture readers only, Paige is giving away a free page of her planner! (CLICK HERE) If you love it, please consider visiting The Planner Manor’s Etsy Shop and purchasing more of her content!

Paige, thank you for the time to interview you via Etsy Shop Messenger. You have a lot on your plate, and I’m so very thankful to get to know you. I’ll be keeping my eye out for you to one day splash the front cover of Forbes Magazine as “30 under 30” featured story.

P.S. – For Hustle & Nurture Mommas, Paige is giving away a 15% coupon! Use the code

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